Blakes 21 Days File Paths Document

Path Not Known


The next problem - the Finder window could not access NetBeansProject folder directly


My next step is to Google: how to see my root folder in OSX Finder


I eventually found this "Shortcut"


Wow ! The Instructions Worked !


I was able to Drag and Drop it to the left column !



Listing 3.1

Listing 3.1 (screenshot from NetBeans) goes here


Source & Output


Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days
Week 1: The Java Language
Day 1
Getting Started in Java
Day 2
The ABCs of Programming
Day 3
Working with Objects
Day 4
Lists, Logic, and Loops
Day 5
Creating Classes and Methods
Day 6
Packages, Interfaces, and Other Class Features
Day 7
Exceptions and Threads
Week 2: The Java Class Library
Day 8
Data Structures
Day 9
Working with Swing
Day 10
Building a Swing Interface
Day 11
Arranging Components on a User Interface
Day 12
Responding to User Input
Day 13
Creating Java2D Graphics
Day 14
Developing Swing Applications
Week 3: Java Programming
Day 15
Working with Input and Output
Day 16
Using Inner Classes and Closures
Day 17
Communicating Across the Internet
Day 18
Accessing Databases with JDBC 4.2 and Derby
Day 19
Reading and Writing RSS Feeds
Day 20
XML Web Services
Day 21
Writing Android Apps with Java
Appendix A
Using the NetBeans IDE
Appendix B
This Book's Website
Appendix C
Fixing a Problem with the Android Studio Emulator
Appendix D
Using the Java Development Kit
Appendix E
Programming with the Java Development Kit